First Post!

Well, I have decided to once again have a re-do on my blog.  Partially because it was hacked and I couldn’t get back in to what existed, and part because I think focusing on one subject is just too restrictive for me.  I’m going with a more general approach this time around and post about whatever inspires me to actually post!  I still sell my soaps and other bath and body products on the side, and I’ll create an area for that specifically at some point and I’ll let you know when it happens, but you can always check for updates on my facebook page: Lately I’ve been doing more crochet and I’ve even created my first amigurumi! Ami’s are basically crocheted stuffed animals.  Both that I have done lately have been from the book Crocheted Softies: 18 Adorable Animals from Around the World by Stacey Trock.  It is full of cute little animals and it was hard to decide which ones to start with.

I ended up making Peanut the Elephant first:

Crochet Elephant

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